Miesięczne archiwum: Czerwiec 2018


The School Education Center in Warsaw invited our school to take part in the National School Dictation. The test and dictation were scheduled for May 14, 2018 among primary and junior high school students. The students’ task was to solve two parts of the spelling test: the first part were spelling tasks and in the second part the participants wrote a dictation. The regulations stated that students receive positive points for a correctly solved task or negative for mistakes made. To our joy, we can be proud of the great achievements in this year’s edition of the national dictation.

The laureate title was given to three people: Alicja Drezner 3d, Wiktoria Pindel 3d and Marta Drezner 7f. In addition, the awards in the nationwide competition were achieved by: Maciej Białek 3d, Aleksandra Orzeł 3d, Julia Pawlus 7a, Bartosz Pudełko 7f, Emilia Legut 2b.

Congratulations for this year’s spelling masters!


On May 23th, 2018 in Primary School No. 6  Ignacy Łukasiewicz, there was the 3rd Students’ Self-Government Forum of primary schools  from the area of our commune. During the meeting representations of each school discussed one selected element of Students’ Self-Government’s work, which they wanted to inspire others. They shared views and remarks, and interesting ideas were seen.

 Our Students’ Self-Government was represented by: chairwoman Julia Szary and her deputy Klaudia Kupper. The girls showed a presentation on cooperation with the local community

There were also active workshops on the preparation of a field game about our commune.Guest speaker Maciej Kołoczek – deputy mayor of our commune took the floor.

During the meeting, it was randomly determined that the next forum will be held in Bronów.


On May 15th, 2018, a unique cultural event took place: „V Beskidzkie Dictation for the President’s Pen of the City of Bielsko-Biała” and „Title of the Beskid Master of Spelling.” The text was prepared by Dr. Angelika Matuszek from the Department of Polish Literature and Culture and dr Ewa Gajewska from Chair of Theory and Practices of Communication at the Technical and Humanities Academy. Among the 300 participants were students of our school: Wiktoria Pindel, Emilia Targosz, Klaudia Kupper, Maciej Białek, Alicja Drezner, Aleksandra Orzeł, Mikołaj Grygierczyk, Kamil Olejak, Julia Pawlus, Bartosz Pudełko, Marta Drezner and Emilia Legut. All participants wrote a dictation that Professor Jerzy Bralczyk read. Honorable jury announced the results for students of seventh and middle school classes: 3rd place went to Bartosz Pudełko from class 7f, V place Emilia Legut from class 2b, VI took Julia Pawlus from class 7a. Everybody awarded the laureates with great applause. In addition, our students took part in the XIX Science and Art Festival. They listened to the excellent conversation of Professor J. Bralczyk and Mr Michał Ogórek, and then they were delighted with the musical concert and the lecture about the blues performed by the well-known musician Ireneusz Dudek. This special day for our outstanding humanists will remain in their memory for a long time. „Congratulations to all participants and winners.” – said the rector of the Academy of Technology and Humanities.


 On May 11th, an event the so-called Night of Culture took place in our city, referring to the Night of Museums . Our school also joined its organization. For this occasion we have prepared dance shows – students dressed in period costumes danced the waltz. Our second proposition was a fairy tale in the form of a kamishibai theater – „Historia strudla”.


On May 11th, 2018, Primary School No. 27 and the House of Culture “Południe” in Katowice, organized a provincial competition „Silesia known and unknown” along with MEP Marek Plura. Participants of the competition struggles gave a public speech, illustrated by a multimedia presentation made by themselves. Each student presented his vision of Silesia in an attractive and ingenious way. Our school was worthily represented by Maja Mikler and Przemek Dłubis. Maja and Przemek, congratulations on the next public appearance on the youth forum in our area!


The Mobile Didactic Path was created as part of the „Arboretum Inspiruje” project, a laureate of the Natural Energy Fund grant competition organized by the Gas Transmission Operator GAZ-SYSTEM S.A with the partnership of the Nasza Ziemia Foundation.

This year’s edition of the environmental project „Arboretum Inspiruje” implemented as part of the Natural Energy Fund focuses on sharing knowledge in the field of ecological education. In previous years, schools and kindergartens came to classes in the garden. This year, this garden comes to them. The interested schools can borrow free of charge elements of the Mobile Didactic Path, and there is a lot to choose from. The path includes didactic boards intended for older students, they concern 3 elements (water, earth, air and ecology). For younger children there are two large-scale nature games: „Forest” „and” Lake „and 2 sets of puzzles -” Eco-World „and” Meadow „, as well as memory game- animals.



On April 23rd, in Katowice, a solemn Gala was organized by the Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management on the Earth Day. During the ceremony prizes for environmental and ecological activities were presented. Our „Arboretum Inspiruje” project received an award in the School Ecological Education category.

Boys basketball competition

On April 10th, 2018 there was a district competition in boys’ basketball.

In the gym of Primary School No. 2 in Czechowice-Dziedzice for promotion to the semi-finals of the voivodship, three teams from our region faced.

The district of Bielsko was represented by our school, the Żywieckie gimnasium from Twardorzeczki and the city of Bielsko-Biała, gymnasium no. 16.

Representation of our school in composition:

Fabian Świerczek, Krystian Siepak, Wojciech Szpyra, Piotr Marciniak, Daniel Łopata, Oscar Nickel, Paweł Wizner, Szymon Mazur, Krzysztof Majka,took the second place, defeating the team from Twardorzeczka 41:35 and unfortunately losing to Bielsko 28:56.

Congratulations to the winners and congratulations to our team for winning the second place in the area.