The School Education Center in Warsaw invited our school to take part in the National School Dictation. The test and dictation were scheduled for May 14, 2018 among primary and junior high school students. The students’ task was to solve two parts of the spelling test: the first part were spelling tasks and in the second part the participants wrote a dictation. The regulations stated that students receive positive points for a correctly solved task or negative for mistakes made. To our joy, we can be proud of the great achievements in this year’s edition of the national dictation.

The laureate title was given to three people: Alicja Drezner 3d, Wiktoria Pindel 3d and Marta Drezner 7f. In addition, the awards in the nationwide competition were achieved by: Maciej Białek 3d, Aleksandra Orzeł 3d, Julia Pawlus 7a, Bartosz Pudełko 7f, Emilia Legut 2b.

Congratulations for this year’s spelling masters!