The Mobile Didactic Path was created as part of the „Arboretum Inspiruje” project, a laureate of the Natural Energy Fund grant competition organized by the Gas Transmission Operator GAZ-SYSTEM S.A with the partnership of the Nasza Ziemia Foundation.

This year’s edition of the environmental project „Arboretum Inspiruje” implemented as part of the Natural Energy Fund focuses on sharing knowledge in the field of ecological education. In previous years, schools and kindergartens came to classes in the garden. This year, this garden comes to them. The interested schools can borrow free of charge elements of the Mobile Didactic Path, and there is a lot to choose from. The path includes didactic boards intended for older students, they concern 3 elements (water, earth, air and ecology). For younger children there are two large-scale nature games: „Forest” „and” Lake „and 2 sets of puzzles -” Eco-World „and” Meadow „, as well as memory game- animals.