On May 15th, 2018, a unique cultural event took place: „V Beskidzkie Dictation for the President’s Pen of the City of Bielsko-Biała” and „Title of the Beskid Master of Spelling.” The text was prepared by Dr. Angelika Matuszek from the Department of Polish Literature and Culture and dr Ewa Gajewska from Chair of Theory and Practices of Communication at the Technical and Humanities Academy. Among the 300 participants were students of our school: Wiktoria Pindel, Emilia Targosz, Klaudia Kupper, Maciej Białek, Alicja Drezner, Aleksandra Orzeł, Mikołaj Grygierczyk, Kamil Olejak, Julia Pawlus, Bartosz Pudełko, Marta Drezner and Emilia Legut. All participants wrote a dictation that Professor Jerzy Bralczyk read. Honorable jury announced the results for students of seventh and middle school classes: 3rd place went to Bartosz Pudełko from class 7f, V place Emilia Legut from class 2b, VI took Julia Pawlus from class 7a. Everybody awarded the laureates with great applause. In addition, our students took part in the XIX Science and Art Festival. They listened to the excellent conversation of Professor J. Bralczyk and Mr Michał Ogórek, and then they were delighted with the musical concert and the lecture about the blues performed by the well-known musician Ireneusz Dudek. This special day for our outstanding humanists will remain in their memory for a long time. „Congratulations to all participants and winners.” – said the rector of the Academy of Technology and Humanities.