On 20th November 2018,  students from the project group as part of the „mPotega” grant program participated in classes organized by the Silesian University of Technology.

We visited the construction department in which the students compared the deflection values of single-span bridge structures. Two bridge models were used to conduct the experiment and check the deflection value. The models had the same span and corresponded respectively to the structure of the suspension bridge and the arch bridge. In the middle of the span identical rulers measuring the value of deflection were installed. Each of the bridges was identical and appropriately loaded with miniatures of large cars, causing later deflections of the span. After examining and analyzing the value of the bridge deflection, it was found that the structure of arch bridges is much more stable and resistant to deflections compared to suspended bridges.

At the Faculty of Chemistry, students took part in the lecture of Mrs. Beata Orlicka, „Chemistry of cosmetics”. They learned how researchers  worked on cosmetics  in their laboratories for centuries. After the lecture, the students went to a chemical laboratory, where they received glasses and protective clothing to conduct chemical experiments. PhD students of the Silesian University of Technology watched over the safety of students and the proper course of experiences. During the classes, the students got acquainted with the formula of creating cream, gel and lip gloss, and then started to create these products themselves. It was a very interesting experience because , all the created products were taken home. 

„The project has been co-financed by the mBank Foundation”