On January 15, 2019, a mathematical competition was held under the slogan „Master of Mathematics”. 41 students from second grade (primary school) took part in the competition. After careful analysis of the jury and evaluation of the works, real masters of mathematics were selected.

In class 2 a and 2 b the fifth place went to: Anna Kupiec and Katarzyna Bagierek, fourth place – Bartosz Ochman and Jakub Michalczak, third place – Zuzanna Grądzka and Ida Karcz, second place – Emilia Łukawska and Maria Zarębska, the champions turned out to be: Justyna Roman and Karol Danel.

The prizes were given to all participants, and the awarded students received the „Piotruś” playing cards, diplomas, lesson plans and mascots. Congratulations!