On June 7th, 2019, as part of education for safety, classes for third-grade junior high school students were conducted with the participation of a certified rescuer of the European Resuscitation Council, a medical rescuer, Mr Krzysztof Gazda, who has been cooperating with our school for many years.

Our guest quickly created a friendly atmosphere indispensable for this type of activities. His professionalism and experience made it possible to develop proper habits and behaviors, when providing first medical help.

We could learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation using a phantom. The proper arrangement of the victim in the lateral position was shown. We got to know what is the difference between fainting and unconsciousness and what myocardial infarction means, and the most important – how to behave then.

Mr. Krzysztof also presented ways to behave in various crisis situations (he participated in many rescue actions in many countries, only in Poland during the railway disaster near Szczekociny in 2012, and also repeatedly secured the safety of the participants of „Przystanek Woodstock” – now, from 2018 changed its name to Pol’and’Rock Festival)

Third grade students would like to thank Mr. Krzysztof for his commitment to communicate his invaluable knowledge about saving human life.
We are grateful for the dedication of his time and sharing his skills.
We hope that thanks to these activities we will be able to behave properly and rationally if we need first aid, and thanks to that we will all feel safer.