May is a unique month for us, Poles. In the first three days of May, three important holidays are celebrated.

May 1st is considered an International Labor Day celebrated not only in Poland, but also in the world. It is a public holiday and free from work.

May 2nd was established as the Flag Day of the Republic of Poland. It is a holiday in honor of Polish national colors, which have, as one of the few in the world, origin from heraldry – knowledge about coats of arms. We have been celebrating it since 2004. At this point, it is worth noting that in Będomin, there is the only national anthem museum in Europe, with other memorabilia related to our history.

May 3rd commemorates the introduction of the Constitution in Poland. This law was approved by the Four-Year Parliament in 1791. There was an urgent need to heal Poland. The reforms of the Parliament and the Constitution aimed at the internal strengthening our country, restoring its magnificence.