The RUR program consists in introducing classes in basic life-saving activities already in the first grades of primary school. Children get used to these important issues, right habits are shaped – first aid becomes natural for them.

As part of the „Rescue and Teach Rescuing” educational program (RUR) prepared and maintained by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity continuously from April 2006, and addressed to students in grades I-III / IV, in June 2019 we conducted a class about the basics of first aid for second grade class students.

Activities included:

safe behaviour at the place of the accident,
telephone call for medical assistance,
patency of the respiratory tract and checking the breath,
execution of a side rescue position determined in case of breathing
performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation in case of absence of breathing.

Thanks to the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, we received four small basic BLS phantoms, one phantom Little Anne CPR from Laerdal.

Classes were conducted by the tutor of the second grade class – Ms. Joanna Kołoczek and Mr. Stanisław Gola

Thanks to instilling these principles from an early age, when the child learns spontaneously, we shape a conscious and sensitive society.