In the Temple of Divine Providence on  6th June, 2019. there was once again a meeting of schools bearing the name of priest Jan Twardowski, a great priest – a longtime rector of the Warsaw Church of the  „Wizytki” convent  – and a great poet who was honored with many of the most prestigious literary prizes (including the Pen Club Award) and distinctions, including Order of the Smile, the only in the world given by children.

The students along with the guardians took part in a solemn mass. We were welcomed by the custodian of the emerging sanctuary, the priest prelate Tadeusz Aleksandrowicz, who thanked for creating this holy place and encouraged God’s Providence to entrust himself. The concelebration was presided over by bishop Michał Janocha. He also gave a touching, very poetic sermon, which was interspersed with fragments of Father Twardowski’s poems. After the ceremony, prizes were awarded to schools that participated in the contest about priest Jan. Then after the mass we visited the grave of priest Jan Twardowski, who is in the Pantheon of Great Poles in the basement of the Temple, where we laid flowers.

Another highlight of our trip was visiting the Palace of Culture and Science along with a beautiful observation deck in Warsaw. The organizers of the meeting invited us to the next meeting of Twardowski’s schools