„Zapaleńcy” – (The Enthusiasts)

On 1st June , 2019, our school group of rescuers of the first premedical aid: Patryk Boczek, Mateusz Budniok and Stanisław Kamiński, participated in the 7th edition of the communal outdoor event „Zapaleńcy”. Our students have prepared one of the activity zones with the number 03 and the name „Lifeguards”. In this position, we cooperated with the Czechowicka Group of Medical Rescue „PCK” (Polish Red Cross). Our students made it possible for anyone who only wanted to try their hands at CPR to resuscitate cardiopulmonary function on three phantoms, practical execution of a side emergency position, exercise during rhinorrhea, telephone call for help, and practical learning of the use of AED (automatic defibrillator external).