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On 20th November 2018,  students from the project group as part of the „mPotega” grant program participated in classes organized by the Silesian University of Technology. We visited the construction department in which the students compared the deflection values of single-span bridge structures. Two bridge models were used to conduct the experiment and check the … Czytaj dalej A TRIP TO THE SILESIAN UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY

07 grudnia 2018


We are pleased to announce that from Tuesday, November 22nd to the end of the week, the so-called „Days of Friendship” were organized by the School’s self-government. Students from all classes could take part in it. The idea was simple – let’s be kind to each other! How? On Tuesday morning, each student drew one … Czytaj dalej DAYS OF FRIENDSHIP

01 grudnia 2018


On November 10th, some students from our school participated in the  trip to Krakow. Special worksheets were given to participants to describe the places visited. We could see Jan Matejko’s Square, Barbican, St Florian’s Gate, Jan Matejko’s House, an exhibition in the National Museum in Sukiennice, titled „Independence” organized on the occasion of the 100th … Czytaj dalej A TRIP TO KRAKOW

 According to the tradition of our school, on October 30th, the 8th grade students and 3rd grade students visited the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum. 180 of our students took part in it.  In order to properly prepare our students for visiting the place that became the symbol of the Holocaust and Nazi crimes, our teachers during … Czytaj dalej VISIT TO THE MUSEUM OF AUSCHWITZ – BIRKENAU

30 listopada 2018


On 16th October , 2018 in the Forest Education Chamber of the Bielsko Forest Inspectorate there was a poviat recitation competition organized by: Bielsko Forest District, Regional Teacher Training Center in Bielsko-Biała and Pedagogical Provincial Library in Bielsko-Biała. The actor of the Polish Theater in Bielsko-Biała, Mr. Grzegorz Margas, led the students’ workshops to prepare … Czytaj dalej RECITATION COMPETITION

The Poviat Starosty in Bielsko-Biała proposed the unique, because the fifteenth edition of the poviat competition „Man and the Environment”. In addition, the settlement of the competition took place in the twentieth anniversary of the creation of the Bielsko Poviat and the 100th anniversary of Poland’s independence. The aim of the competition was to raise … Czytaj dalej „THE MAN AND THE ENVIRONMENT” COMPETITION

This year the Student Sports Club „Dycha” organized a sports camp in the Świętokrzyskie Province. A group of students from our school stayed on 20th – 30th August 2018 in the Sports and Recreation Center in Sędziszów. The basketball enthusiasts had at their disposal a large, 3-sector sports hall, an indoor swimming pool, a gym, … Czytaj dalej SPORT AND RECREATION CAMP IN SĘDZISZÓW

For the second time, our school has received a grant in the „mPower” Program as part of a competition to support the development of mathematics in schools. The title of our project is „Mathematical and scientific applications” which has been highly evaluated and will be implemented from September of December in our school. Students will … Czytaj dalej GRANT FOR SCHOOL UNDER THE „mPOWER” PROGRAM

In the 26th Provincial and the 22nd National Review of Literary Works „Lipa 2018”, 550 authors participated under the patronage of the President of the City of Bielsko-Biała. Students sent 1311 texts from all over Poland: both from small towns and large cities. The songs were read by a jury consisting of: Tomasz Jastrun, Jan … Czytaj dalej A SUCCESS IN LITERARY REVIEW „LIPA 2018”

25 czerwca 2018


The School Education Center in Warsaw invited our school to take part in the National School Dictation. The test and dictation were scheduled for May 14, 2018 among primary and junior high school students. The students’ task was to solve two parts of the spelling test: the first part were spelling tasks and in the … Czytaj dalej MASTERS OF ORTHOGRAPHY