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On January 15, 2019, a mathematical competition was held under the slogan „Master of Mathematics”. 41 students from second grade (primary school) took part in the competition. After careful analysis of the jury and evaluation of the works, real masters of mathematics were selected. In class 2 a and 2 b the fifth place went … Czytaj dalej MATHEMATICAL COMPETITION OF SECOND-CLASS PUPILS

„One penny means not much, but the „Penny Mountain – Góra Grosza” is the largest in the world” – this is one of the rules of the „Penny Mountain – Góra Grosza” campaign, which was once again joined by our school’s students. The organizer of the campaign is the Nasz Dom Society, which helps children … Czytaj dalej GÓRA GROSZA – PENNY MOUNTAIN – CAMPAIGN

On January 13, 2019, members of our first aid school team took part in the XXVII Final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. During the Orchestra’s activities in the „Stara Kablownia” Shopping Center in Czechowice – Dziedzice. Our team consisting of: Patryk Boczek, Mateusz Budniok and Bartosz Pudełko, as part of the Great Orchestra, … Czytaj dalej 27 FINAL OF „WIELKA ORKIESTRA ŚWIĄTECZNEJ POMOCY”

   On January 11, another sweet day and a theme day in our school took place, namely the Fairy tale day. Classes 1a and 2b has outclassed the competition. Student self government thanks all participants of the game, especially to students from 2a, 7d, 8f, 8d.

01 marca 2019


  Students’ Self-government tries to mobilize students to learn and play in different ways.We want pupils to organize together, act for the benefit of the class and, above all, let the time spent at school pass in a friendly atmosphere. Therefore, on December 6, there was a sweet day and an inter-class competition, based on … Czytaj dalej SANTA CLAUS

  On December 5, in the computer labs, as part of the „mPotega” grant program, students solved mathematical and natural applications. The winners of the evening are Sandra Czerpak (7A) and Krystian Olszak (8A), who at the appointed time have solved themselves in the Web 2.0 application. Deploying. 410 tasks. Thank you for taking … Czytaj dalej EVENING WITH APPLICATIONS AGAIN!

On 20th November 2018,  students from the project group as part of the „mPotega” grant program participated in classes organized by the Silesian University of Technology. We visited the construction department in which the students compared the deflection values of single-span bridge structures. Two bridge models were used to conduct the experiment and check the … Czytaj dalej A TRIP TO THE SILESIAN UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY

07 grudnia 2018


We are pleased to announce that from Tuesday, November 22nd to the end of the week, the so-called „Days of Friendship” were organized by the School’s self-government. Students from all classes could take part in it. The idea was simple – let’s be kind to each other! How? On Tuesday morning, each student drew one … Czytaj dalej DAYS OF FRIENDSHIP

01 grudnia 2018


On November 10th, some students from our school participated in the  trip to Krakow. Special worksheets were given to participants to describe the places visited. We could see Jan Matejko’s Square, Barbican, St Florian’s Gate, Jan Matejko’s House, an exhibition in the National Museum in Sukiennice, titled „Independence” organized on the occasion of the 100th … Czytaj dalej A TRIP TO KRAKOW

 According to the tradition of our school, on October 30th, the 8th grade students and 3rd grade students visited the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum. 180 of our students took part in it.  In order to properly prepare our students for visiting the place that became the symbol of the Holocaust and Nazi crimes, our teachers during … Czytaj dalej VISIT TO THE MUSEUM OF AUSCHWITZ – BIRKENAU